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Landscaping Naturally


We use natural methods

Here at Evergreen Environments we understand how plants really grow in nature. We then fully support this natural growing system by promoting life in the soil with natural organic materials.

Synthetic chemically treated lawns are far from natural. As a matter of fact, synthetic chemicals damage all the biological life in the soil that natural plants require to grow and be healthy.

When it comes to organic property care, it works quite differently. The plant is nurtured and strengthened by improving it habitat. This in turn makes it healthier and naturally stronger…able to resist pests and diseases on its own.

humusGather up one handful of soil. Visualize that you are holding billions of beneficial bacteria and fungi. If you were to put all the fungi in your hand end to end they would extend for many meters. With organic property care, we do not stop the lawn's natural ability to establish itself as a stable self-sustaining crop by using man-made chemicals that can be harmful to the environment. Rather, using organics, we support the natural growing process.

Grass and soil are interdependent dynamic living systems and should be treated as such. Each lawn we treat is a unique eco-system and at Evergreen Environments we understand and respect this.


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