A majority of us spend our lives working indoors. While it is a luxury to be protected from the elements, being cut off from the fresh air for hours can add up to some serious health issues. Our modern HVAC systems do a lot to keep us breathing easy, but air can be harmfully polluted by something as simple as desks that give off plasticizers. The good news is, helping your HVAC system out can be as easy as installing some plants.

People love plants in offices because they add fresh, green color and a burst of nature where things can get pretty industrial and bland. The key is adding plants in a way that is sustainable and beautiful. The team at Evergreen Environments have been creating living roofs, walls, and much more for more than three decades, and we know what it takes to make a stunning, living display. In today’s blog, we want to share some of the benefits we’ve observed when it comes to installing interiorscapes.

Why Interiorscaping Is Worth It

Did you know that plants have been proven to increase shopper stay time by half an hour in malls? Plants help people relax, but they do a lot more than that. Their effects become especially poignant in industrial settings.  Here are ways that interiorscapes can benefit schools, businesses, hospitals, and more.

Stress reduction

  • Green has been proven to be a relaxing color for us. Humans also tend to be more at ease when we can see an element of nature. Even if we can’t see out a window, a plant can make all the difference.

Reduced absenteeism

  • When you install plants into an environment, you make it a place people want to stay. Not only that, the plants clean the air and can help reduce sick days in your staff.

Noise absorption

  • Staying focused and getting work done is difficult when you’re in a noisy, echoing space. Plants can reduce noise on a big level, making towering lobbies more peaceful or simple waiting rooms more private.

Energy savings

  • A green wall or roof can make a huge difference when it comes to insulating your building. We can do the work to maintain it, preventing the need for roof repairs or other expensive measures.

Lessened workplace negativity

  • When you have plants cleaning the air and making everyone feel more relaxed, spirits tend to be higher. Though you will never do away with all workplace negativity, plants can go a long way in reducing it. Even better, they passively do their job. We will do the heavy lifting of installation and care, allowing you to enjoy the benefits while focusing on growing your business.

Boosted creativity, focus, and productivity

  • As people’s spirits rise, they tend to be far more productive, creative, and focused. As a result, your whole team will perform better. Who knew that a few plants could do so much?

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