A professional interiorscape company can transform your workspace into a healthy, natural, and beautiful space. Choosing the right plants for commercial interiorscaping to your workspace has a variety of benefits and really couldn’t be easier if you choose to work with a professional office interiorscape company.

If you have never worked with an office interiorscape service before, Evergreen Environments is the premier interior landscaping company in Boston, Westchester County, NY, and throughout Connecticut, offers free consultations to help businesses plan the perfect office interiorscape. In this blog, we’ll review what you can expect during our interiorscape consultation.

Facility Walkthrough

After your initial contact, we will set up a date and time to do a walk-through of your property. During this time, we’ll get a better understanding of what you are trying to achieve with your office interiorscape. Are you interested in adding an indoor living wall or vertical garden, or are you just wanting to add plants throughout your workspace? Whatever your vision, our consultants will offer recommendations for indoor plantings that best suit your wants and needs.  We will also examine your building’s architecture and the lighting conditions throughout the space. We’ll also make note of the existing interior design elements, paying special attention to the colors and textures used and capture images of the most important spaces of your property. Undecided on what you want for your interiorscape? No worries, we go the extra mile and install pictures of the plants and planters that we recommend, including living walls and vertical gardens. This way, you can get an idea of what things will look like before making a final decision.

The purpose of a facility walkthrough is to properly plan an effective interiorscape design. To accomplish this, we need to understand your workspace environment. The walkthrough also allows us to identify areas where live plants will have the biggest design and visual impact.

Creating a Custom Interiorscape Design Plan

After the walkthrough of your building is complete and we have a good understanding of your space, desires, and budget, we will begin crafting a design plan for your office interiorscape. When creating the design plan, we carefully consider the layout and office decor of your facility, as well as your design preferences. The live plants and containers selected will reflect your company image and personality, and we will do our best to find a solution that fits with your budget.

Once the office interiorscape design plan is complete, we present the design and proposal to you. From this point, you can choose to purchase or lease the plants and planters, and the next step is installing the plants, but let’s not get too far ahead of ourselves.

There you have it. As you can see, our interiorscape design consultations are fairly simple, yet detailed. Are you ready to explore your interiorscape options? Evergreen Environments takes pride in offering superior service and high-quality plants at an affordable price. To schedule a professional office indoor landscape consultation for your business, contact us today.