Professional Holiday Decorating

holiday decorating serviceLarge trees, wreaths displays. Tastefully done with the highest standards. Let Evergreen Environments handle all aspects of your holiday decorations. Design, installation, takedown, and storage. You can just sit back and enjoy.

Quality execution of holiday decorations demands good preparation, an eye for detail, and a love of decorating.
You can find all of these traits in the staff of Evergreen Environments. After all, we have been doing this since 1982. Our seasoned experts have years of decorating experience. Our warehouse is crammed with shelf after shelf of holiday materials for them to use in their designs.

The process begins when a salesperson/designer comes to your location to do an assessment of your needs and helps you pick out the “flavor” that you want your decorations to have. A detailed quote is then drawn up and presented to you. This is the time when all the little details get worked out, items are added and deleted, and tweaks are made.

After your approval, assembly of your decorations begins in our holiday design studio. Our team of decorators prepares as much of your decorations as they can in advance to make the installation process easier. Installation Day arrives, and our crews show up on the scheduled day to begin the installation. They will stay until your job is completely finished. During the holidays, your decorations are periodically checked during the season to ensure that they are looking their best.

After the season is over, our crew will show up at a time that is convenient for you, quickly remove your decorations, and bring them back to our warehouse for storage. This is a key point of the process. The more carefully things are wrapped and put away this year, the better they will look the following year. The installation will go much smoother as well. It’s never to early to plan your holiday decor, so contact our Newtown holiday decorating service today!

All photos on this page are jobs done by Evergreen Environments!