An indoor living wall or vertical garden is becoming one of the most popular interiorscape design trends. Combining inspirations from landscaping, architecture, and interior design inventive vertical plant compositions are beginning to sprout up in offices and workplaces all over the world. Whether you have a blank, bland wall in your commercial building or you would like to add natural life and vibrant colors to a small office space, an indoor living wall may be the best interiorscape option.

What Exactly Is An Interior Green Wall / Living Wall Garden?

Interior green walls, also referred to as an indoor living wall, living wall garden, vertical garden, and a variety of other names, place plants in a way that they grow vertically along the face of a wall. Depending on the preferences, budget, and available space of your workplace, indoor living walls can be large enough to take up an entire wall or they can be used to create a smaller focal point for the interiorscaping of your office.

These interior landscape features can be designed using modular systems or specially constructed planting containers that directly attach to the wall. In the proper settings, living wall systems can add the right design touch to a commercial interiorscape. These walls are constructed much the same way actual walls are. They are built with a skeletal structure that is hung with sections containing a variety of plants and flowers that will make up up the interior green wall. These living wall gardens contain a large number of plants in a relatively small space, horizontally. By using the walls and extending upwards, the plants, providing the maximum benefit, are installed without taking up floor space.

Designing Indoor Living Walls

Designing ann aesthetically-pleasing living wall interiorscape requires a similar approach and attention to detail as a traditional indoor gardenscape. Color, contrast, and texture are all factors that must be coordinated and balanced to cohere with the existing workspace interior decor to create a stunning design.

Besides adding an aesthetic appeal, interior living walls can be designed to meet other indoor interior planning purposes. For instance, a vertical green wall can define spaces, provide privacy or sound insulation, boost productivity, and save energy. Or, living wall systems can be designed to incorporate plants that filter out pollutants and improve the air quality of your workspace.
Keep in mind, vertical green wall designs will also require proper maintenance. Wall gardens require a modified approach to watering, fertilization and pruning, as compared to traditional indoor plants. Fortunately, many interiorscaping companies offer green vertical garden maintenance.

Selecting Plants For Indoor Living Walls

Similar to selecting indoor office plants, choosing plants for an indoor living wall or vertical interiorscape must consider the conditions of your workspace. Sunlight, temperature, and humidity levels are all essential factors to consider that will help determine which plants are most suitable for your indoor vertical garden. Vines and ivies are among the most popular choices for indoor living walls, but be careful, as many species require full sunlight to thrive. Additionally, ferns, succulents, and bromeliads are often used in vertical interiorscapes due to their low-maintenance and ability to grow with or without sunlight.

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